Poetry by Jeanette Dowdell: “Thanksgiving Surprise”



‘The Cornucopia & The Turkey’

 Set the table – It’s time,
Get ready for a meal sublime,
Oh the closeness and happiness we share on this special day,
The one we celebrate in such a wonderful way,
It includes thanks and anticipated delightful culinary treats –
where homemade desserts for verbal praise compete,
The warmth of God’s presence, family, friends, faith,
joy and love mingle and meet,
But for me this year, there will be an unusual surprise,
Out of my thoughts it suddenly did arise,
Sometimes on this day of thanks, we run out of dressin’,
Not this year…there will be no shortage – no dressin’ messin’,
Well, there will be a large baked cornucopia attached to the
end of the bird,
It will be filled with plenty of dressing – you have my word,
Now, don’t you consider that to be wise?
I hope so, because that is my


God’s Blessings and wishes to all


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