Poetry by Jeanette Dowdell: “Last Year’s Fall”



As one ‘FALL’ said to another:  “FOLLOW MY LEAD –
 for beauty is always God given and joyful!”

  One lonely oak leaf on a blanket of white,
Nothing around, nothing else in sight,
I glanced away for a just a second,
And when I looked back, something else must have beckoned,
For the lonely leaf was no longer hanging around,
It must have grown wings,
or scampered away along the snow covered ground,
I felt quite sorry, seeing it in such solitude,
But it apparently had a get up and go attitude,
It did however, have a little help from a quick moving breeze,
It danced away; the moment, it had seized,
I never saw that leaf again,
And probably never will; that’s for certain,
That lonely leaf came to call,
To remind me of ~


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