Poetry by Jeanette Dowdell: “Hey Dad”



Why do you have a special day?
Could it be your special way?

Well, we couldn’t do without you – your warmth,
your humor, all you do,
After all, you are the head of the family – leading the crew,
The fact that you are always there…good times and bad,
In times of need…moments of joy, moments sad,
Oh, that’s why you are special, you know,
You are our strength – help the family survive and grow,
We may not always say how we feel,
You are the” bestest” most enjoyable home cooked meal,
What’s more beautiful than your precious laugh,
your twinkling, smiling eyes?
And the fact that you are very thoughtful and wise,
What’s more touching than when you dry our tears?
That’s why you are deeply loved throughout the years,
That’s why you are always in our hearts – held
in a very loving way,
And that’s why you have a special day,



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