Poetry by Jeanette Dowdell: “NATURE and GOD’S MIRACLE!”

mothers day


“How We View Special Days”

Feel the warmth of the sun – it’s lovely,
See the stars shining and twinkling – how beautiful,
Feel the breeze when it’s most needed – what a delight!
Smell the fresh mown grass – isn’t that special?
Imagine a sun drenched crystal stream,
gurgling and overflowing with peace and comfort

Then think of all God’s earthly blessings,
And add the most precious, caring, loving one of all,
The one who endlessly shares her warmth
with understanding eyes and a gentle smile,
Feel the caress of her arms that always keep us safe and warm,
Troubles and cares are swept away by an instant resolution,
Think about how she nourishes minds and bodies,
How she showers faith upon us to strengthen our souls,

Whoever could give so much, mostly without complaint?
Only a miracle angel who knows no bounds,
No doubt the one who brought us into this world…
The one who holds us close forever,
The one who encompasses all the loveliness in God’s creation, 

Now, hang in there – here it comes…

With our Deepest Love, thank you for being you,
May God bless you always.


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