Poetry by Jeanette Dowdell: “As We Gather Together Again”




We gather together in harmony and thought; humanity’s family hand-in-hand,
Was that what our forefathers had in mind; what they planned?
Given their circumstances, did our forefathers give thanks not only
for what they had, but still being alive,
Thankful for finding a land of plenty, and
having a strong faith that would provide,
It was not without struggle, hard work, and
nature’s sun and air,
And look how far we have come;
what we have, with an abundance to share,
Today is different from yesteryear,
the Pilgrims had so much less, yet, so much more,
Theirs was a genuine spirit of grateful thanksgiving for each other,
and the friendships they bore,
Voices lifted in pray and praise,
for a meal of plenty, when…
They in spirit, and we today together again

 Dear God,
Thanks for giving us:
The breath of life,
The ultimate gift, Your Son, our Savior, forgiveness,

Thanks for giving us:
Families and friends to love,
A capacity to hold tight to special moments, and warm memories,
Food aplenty upon our tables,
We know your kindness,
And we humbly lift our voices to you, saying:

Thanks for giving us more than we need,
Thanks for giving, and giving, and giving,

Yes, Dear God, we recognize Thanksgiving is a “Special Day.”
But then again, every day is a “Special Day,” when it comes to


 (I’ve said this before, and will say it again –
“I’m not so sure the turkeys are thankful, but
I’m sure that almost everyone is thankful for the turkeys!”)

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